Why have I chosen the healing path? And why do I call myself a healer?

To be honest I believe that the path of healing has chosen me and I've chosen it back. This way of living feels expansive and able to hold and see all of me. The most important and healing parts of my story would never be appropriate for a resume and I refuse to cast them aside ever again. They are meaningful and messy and valid. You know the *rock bottom* and *dark night of the soul* stuff. The going outside the lines of *socially acceptable norms* to find out how I feel and what I need. The pure joy of simply being alive in the most unexpected moments. Not because I’ve *earned* it but simply because I’m here. Truthfully, I can no longer show up any other way. I’m too wild now {I always have been}. And my hope is that simply by being me and sharing some of the ways that have been helpful along the way, you will get some of what you are needing most.

Thank you for being here. big, Big Love,