This Summer has felt so full

This summer has felt so full. I danced in circle on the beach with gorgeous women of all ages and stages. Held hands with one that reminded me of my Grandma Dorry. And at the end, when I said that she reminded me of my grandma she smiled and said, “I hope that’s a good thing”. “Yes, she was my best friend,” I responded.

I’ve spent time with those I love most in fun and nourishing ways. Sat in silence. Touched the water. Breathed in the trees. Deepened into my energy work. Recommitting to all the ways that I feel most alive.

And the endings. The deaths of old ways that cannot continue as I commit to new ways of being. To evolving out of ways that serve no one. Into new ways with new potential. The further I go in life the more I realize that beginnings and endings aren’t really on opposite ends of this experience. They really are intertwined. And I feel more confident than ever in my ability to be with the fullness of being here, now. And so it is.