A Week of Extremes and Becoming Clear

You know those times when someone says something in passing and you feel it’s deeper meaning? The words spoken out loud touch something that’s been waiting. A seed or passion that’s been laying dormant, ready for nourishment, likely for a long time. Sometime in April-ish {this is how I “do” time} while slugging coffee, one of my work besties said, “well ya, you’re literally a Reiki healer” and that was just what I was needing. I came home and signed up for a Reiki table day which was this past Sunday.

As it was approaching I was noticing some real changes in me. There was little to no anxiety. I was simply going to show up as me. I went in ready to really listen and share openly. The women, our guide Karen, the weather, our space for the day, it was all just right. And the day simply flowed. The Reiki energy was beautifully balanced and we all left feeling nourished in the ways we were needing most. Being with women in circle is truly one of my most favourite things. It has shown me what’s possible when we come together in these ways. It’s powerful. And truly transformational. We heal together.

I have also found myself in spaces recently that feel very different to this experience. It’s all very difficult and extractive and draining. I’m taking notice of this and how it’s affecting my energy. Pulling back where I have overextended myself. And I feel the affects immediately. My energy is clear. I know what I need to do. And I am not falling back into old patterns. I feel and know my power like I never have before and it feels so damn good. I’ve been relentless with this and I’m so glad that I’ve kept going. Trusting those little nudges from within and without.

All of these ways have helped me get clear on where I’m going with my energy work. That magic place where what I have to offer meets the needs of those needing it most. The two words that I have right now are JOY and ANGER. I want to know how it feels to truly live in joy. And my anger is my guide. A powerful, clear and loving guide. First up, a 4 week women’s circle where we will explore and root into these very things. I will also be opening 1 or 2 spaces for deep, ongoing 1:1 healing work for those who are ready and willing. I’m so grateful and excited for all that’s happening.

That’s all for now! Thank you for being YOU!!

Big love, Keri

~ “Against the Grain” oracle card in image from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels deck