~ Reviewing the Past ~

Lately I’ve been going back in time. Time travel is real and this has been such a beautiful experience. I began to feel this nudge to slow down and really soak up and remember everything I’ve been doing over the last decade. I would call this period of my life the unravelling.

At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 as some major things were changing in my life {separation and divorce, figuring out shared custody of our little boy, our home changing} there was something opening up in me, too. I began to explore. Will you take a little trip down memory lane with me?…

I remember in the early days of becoming separated, as I was navigating my life coming undone, I took a drafting course at George Brown College. My grandpa Lorne had worked for the Office Specialty designing furniture and he was my inspiration. Before class there was this sweet man out front cooking up the BEST “street meat” at his Hot Dog stand. I would get one before most of my classes. I remember the instructor was pretty intense and some interesting dynamics in class. But overall it was a good experience for me and something to look forward to during an incredibly hard time in my life. I met some good people.

Then began my introduction to energy work in a more formal way with Reiki I {April 2013} and Reiki II {October 2013} and then my Reiki Master in November 2016. I also did Sacred Medicine Training/Mentorship with Indigenous Medicine Woman & Healer Asha Frost in Winter and Summer 2018 and Fall 2020. And  just this past fall I was part of a deeply transformative experience in my dear friend Brandi Amara Sky’s Woke Magic Praxis Portal {there was Tarot and Astrology and intuitive writing and so much more}. We met in Asha’s Mentorship training.

Horse Medicine came into my life in Fall 2016 and I completed the GATEWAY {Gaining Awareness the Equine Way} with Terry Bowhey in Winter 2017 and then did a weekend EAPD {Equine Assisted Personal Development} course at Blue Heron Stables with Chris Irwin that summer. During this time I was also partnered with a beautiful horse named Bella and spent some special time with Fotini and her herd at The Big Red Barn. Profound is what I will call Horse Medicine and the humans in this world.

Plant medicine has also been so powerful in my life. I began working at Country Cut Flowers in 2017 and did a Grow Your Own Medicine course with Jacquie Wilkinson in Spring 2019. I did two cycles of the Seasonal Connections course with Dallas Ford in Winter + Spring 2020 and I’m moving through the six week program on my own right now. It’s such good stuff!

Tarot came into my experience with the Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne from Pixie Curio. I’m currently working through Ethony’s Master the Tarot {I began in Winter 2021}. Chris-Anne is pure magick and her creations and love have walked me through the dark more times than I can say. She truly is the light.

And then there was the six months I spent studying shame with David Bedrick, a Psychological Activist, therapist and author {June-January 2019}. David is kind and beyond dedicated and a breath of fresh air in some very dense spaces.

There was also a Reflexology course that I did not complete but learned some very cool things about the body through. Intuitive Art experiences with Tiz of Stretching Canvas. And then countless hours in therapy and reading and connecting with Spirit. Learning the many ways that life {and death} and everything in between and beyond communicates with us.

In 2018 I took an amazing trip to Portugal {Alfama truly felt like home}. The humans that I met there reminded me of the good in the world. Each one was medicine for my heart. They are part of me forever.

And there have been some wild + profound relationships {one in particular} that have broken me open. I will share more of this when the time is right. It truly has been and is brutiful {beautiful + brutal} as Glennon Doyle has coined it.

Thank you for being here. And listening. And allowing me to share in this way. It feels so damn good!

Xo, Keri Anne