Releasing {Cycles}

Over the last few days my body has been louder than usual. Maybe it’s because I’m open to listening and she definitely has some things to say. After having heart palpitations worrisome enough to send me to the hospital I’ve been at home resting and recovering. I had been noticing some things for a while, some pretty intense fatigue and the day or two before this happened, swelling and tightness in my hands and calves. There has also been a lot of excitement in my life recently, things coming together after working so hard for so long. Holding and committing to my dreams.


Last night, under the new moon in Capricorn and as my body started its’ cycle of releasing (bleeding) the emotions began to rise. I needed to cry. To be sad for some hurts and losses, not new ones, but important ones. They have changed me. And also the intensity of my dreams becoming real. I hadn’t realized how much I was holding. This is the beautiful thing about our natural cycles, they each have their own wisdom and medicine. And so I let myself be sad, I felt the overwhelm. As I felt these emotions rise and move through me I also heard the wisdom of my needs, now. I asked for protection ~ I haven’t been so good about this in the past. Now I know how important this is. I’m worthy of asking for and receiving protection. I also saw the ways that I have been protected. This new perspective helped me to relax.


And after this big release I felt space and reached for some joy. This little Snapchat video with the monkey felt so good for my heart. Just plain silly and joyful.


I still have more to attend to with my health and I am. And as I do I remember to play and cry and receive and share and feel and heal and be. Giving from this place feels so good for my soul.


I love you,

Keri Anne