My Healing Work in 2022

I believe that Glennon Doyle coined the term, *brutiful* {brutal + beautiful} and this is exactly how I feel about my own healing and the path of healing. It’s both/and, everything in-between and beyond. As I reflect on the last year in particular {from where I am now} so much that I didn’t understand then, I do now. And what I’d like to share most of all is how I have rebuilt the trust in myself and my experiences and ways of seeing and feeling and BEING. On the continuum of brutiful, over this last year {particularly the last few months} I have really and truly felt the shift from brutal to beautiful.

Here’s what I’ve noticed…

~ My body, mind, heart and soul are aligned FOR REAL ~ I have worked so hard to get here and that *work* has included deep rest, many *mistakes* and *detours* {all helping me realign with my path - I believe}, so much love, conflict - internal and external - spiritual, physical, emotional, material, earthly and cosmic. Many deaths. Joy and peace and play and and and…

~ As I get closer to me my senses have become my greatest guides. This process is WILD. I am wild. This is honestly one of my most favourite parts, I recognize myself here. And I am a Lover here, I love. I AM LOVE.

~ Boundaries, boundaries, BOUNDARIES. They are as natural as life and death and LIFE AND DEATH.

~ The more clear and honest and true I AM with me the more ease I feel with WHAT IS. Whether it’s a relationship, my dreams, work, LOVE, whatever. I can meet it, if I choose to. I have choice. Learning to wield this has also been wild. Choice is wild and free in its’ essence, I believe.

~ I feel spacious. I’ve moved from feeling breathless and overwhelmed and unsure and so fucking tired, to steady and sure and in the flow. No more bracing for impact - all.the.time. - to there will be bumps and grace and joy and pain and fun and life and death and yes and no and and and.

~ I AM SO READY! For what’s here and coming and has been and will be.

~ My work wants out ~ it has been a looong gestation ~ it has been what it has needed to be. And now it’s ready for the next stage.

~ If what I have shared has touched you and you sense there is something you need and want here, I would love to chat! Let’s set up a discovery call and see what’s asking to be heard and seen and felt.